George Hill’s Game-Winner

After one or two questionable calls, a series of missed free throws, a huge Kobe Bryant fadeaway 3-pointer, and a whole world of ugly basketball previous to that stuff, the Indiana Pacers had the ball in a 77-77 tie with the Lakers and 24.5 seconds remaining in the game.

You already know what’s coming to start — simple downscreen, get a ballhandler open to hold the ball to run clock down so the Pacers can get the last shot. In this case we have Paul George inbounding to George Hill off of a Ian Mahinmi screen.

Following this, George Hill runs clock while the Pacers get into a low-flat set, with Lance Stephenson in the right corner (nearest the camera), David West set up along the block near him, Paul along the opposite block, and Ian Mahinmi hanging out in the left (far) corner.

With about 8.5 seconds left, the play begins in earnest, as Paul George receives a would-be screen from David West. However, Kobe is cheating on the play rather than trailing George, and ends up essentially cutting off Paul George as he makes a curl around David West back through the paint to the left wing area.

David West essentially trails him for a few steps, because he (West) is running up to Ron Artest (who is guarding George Hill with the ball) as if to set a screen for a usual 1-4 pick-and-roll.

However, what we actually get is David West slipping before ever setting the screen, while Ron Artest gets blown by off-the-dribble by George Hill, and Pau Gasol (who was trailing David West the whole way) is left briefly off-balance because he was still in Trail The Screener mode.

George Hill gets by him with relative ease, but has to go high off the glass to avoid a possible trailing Pau shot-block, as well as Dwight Howard, who didn’t immediately jump over to help on the drive, either due to slight hesitation, or (and I think possibly more likely) because Ian Mahinmi has now walked down to the block area to catch a lob, or get a putback or what have you, in case Dwight Howard leaves early and George Hill can’t finish on the drive. Of course, as we’ll see on the video, George Hill’s floater off the glass did go with only .1 second remaining. Pacers win on the road 79-77.


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