Warriors Adding A Variation To Their “Crazy 8s” Play

One of the most exciting things going into this Warriors season was looking at the personnel and seeing all the offensive possibilities. Golden State has taken full advantage of this versatile set of players and designed a number of very effective sets that fully utilize the unique skill sets of their players. One of the most effective of these sets is their “Crazy 8s” play. It involves Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson running around symmetrical screens with Jarrett Jack handling the ball. It puts an incredible amount of pressure on the defense to make decisions.

Teams have begun to adapt to defend this play, and thus, the Warriors have added a variation to it.

It starts as the play usually does with Thompson and Curry curling on opposite sides of the court. This is the versatility Jack has added to the Golden State offense: both Curry and Thompson can work off ball with a more than capable ball handler at the top.

Here is where it varies from the normal set. Thompson peels off and comes towards David Lee to set a double screen. The defense is now in a bind: Thompson’s defender isn’t ready to help and if Lee’s does, Lee will dive and get a basket similar to Draymond Green’s game winner against the Heat.

At this point the play morphs into single double action. That is, where a shooter is curling along the baseline and has the option go go around a single screen on one side and a double screen on the other. Used to the crazy 8s play, Lin isn’t prepared to fight throw two screens. Curry comes around the two screens and nails the jumper. Here’s the play in real time:

Mark Jackson showed his creativity when he unveiled this set earlier in the year and has shown his flexibility adapting it as others adjust. Fans of interesting plays need to keep their eyes on the Warriors to see what they spring next.


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  1. […] quickly screens George’s man and George takes off on one of those “Crazy 8s” type routes we often see from the Golden State Warriors. He takes West’s screen high […]

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