Playoff Capsule: Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are something between utter mystery and known commodity. As of January 1st they had realistic ambitions of home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.  Six weeks later they were clinging to postseason hopes for dear life.  David Lee was the team's lone … [Read more...]

Heat BLOB and Bradley Misstep Dooms Celtics

The Miami Heat's 23rd consecutive win – a 105-103 road victory over the rival Boston Celtics – will be remembered for many reasons.  LeBron James' massive slam on Jason Terry, his game-winning pull-up jumper with 10 seconds left, Jeff Green's from-nowhere 43 points, a short-handed Celtics team … [Read more...]

Appreciating the Defensive Depths of LARRY SANDERS!

These days, Larry Sanders is everywhere.  Literally and figuratively.  Not only does the Milwaukee Bucks 6'11'' gazelle fly all over the floor, wreaking defensive havoc  with his seemingly endless wingspan and quickness that belies his size to lead the NBA in blocks.  But he's getting recognition … [Read more...]

Defending Kevin Durant: A Tale of Two Halves and Styles

Kevin Durant is hard to defend.  No, that's putting it lightly; guarding KD is damn-near impossible.  There's a reason – should he maintain his current pace – that Durant will become just the second player in NBA history to average at least 29 points per game while reaching the hallowed 50/40/90 … [Read more...]

Rejecting Ball Screens and Beating the “Down”

Today's NBA is defined by the ball screen-and-roll.  Every team runs several variations of it and has nuanced and still-developing ways of defending it, and games are won and lost on that action and its subsequent ramifications more than any other.  Making your shots and forcing the other team into … [Read more...]