Intellectual Theft: Mike Malone

13 NBA teams will be entering the 2013-2014 season with a new head coach. Each of those coaches will face unique challenges, but should be able to draw on a pool of experience from their previous jobs. Intellectual Theft is a series looking at some specific elements that each coach can bring from … [Read more...]

The Grandeur Of Stephen Curry

While they may have lost in a backbreaking fashion, the Warriors showed much more than the inability to execute in crunch time Game 1 against San Antonio. To choke, a team has to have a fairly sizable lead, which Golden State shockingly did. This lead was primarily built on the strength of a … [Read more...]

Knicks Abandon Identity In Low Scoring Game 1 Victory

The Knicks may have won their initial game against the Celtics, but it was in a very ugly manner. The offense was disjointed and the pace slow--in short, they played right into Bostons' hands. Bostons' biggest advantage is their ability to muck up the game, use the fewest amount of possessions, and, … [Read more...]

Playoff Capsule: Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks might have the most oddly constructed roster in the league. There are gritty swingmen Luc Richard Mbah A Moute and Marquis Daniels, notable chuckers Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, long-overshadowed defensive athletic big men in Larry Sanders and Ekpe Udoh, sweet shooters Mike … [Read more...]

The Warriors and the 1-2 Pick-and-Roll

While the dominant story of Friday night's Lakers-Warriors tilt may have been Kobe Bryant going down with an achilles injury, there was one particular play the Warriors hurt the Lakers with earlier in the game that could be important down the line. The play was a 1-2 pick and roll between Stephen … [Read more...]

The Raptors Dominating With An Odd Lineup

I hated the Rudy Gay trade for the Raptors when it happened, and to a lesser degree still do. To me, there was no sense in bringing in what I strongly felt was a negative player, destroying their cap situation, and losing a young, improving asset in Ed Davis. That said, the early returns have put … [Read more...]

Hornets Hurt The Trailblazers With A Nifty Screen The Screener Action

One of the bright spots of this season--in terms of pure X's and O's, if not results--has been the creativity of Monty Williams' New Orleans Hornets offense. They've rolled out fun, effective, and innovative sets all season long, a number of which have been highlighted here at HoopChalk. Sunday … [Read more...]

Golden State Frees Stephen Curry With A Gate Screen

There are a number of things that go into being an effective NBA offense; spacing, motion, personnel, the ability to put said personnel in a position to succeed, and more. The Heat will cross screen to get LeBron James good position in the post; Tony Parker will get the ball with a ready screener in … [Read more...]

How Has Indiana Crafted The Best Defense In The League?

The Indiana Pacers are viewed by many as the only team that has a something close to a chance against Miami in the Eastern Conference Playoffs, and it all starts with their rock solid defense. Indiana's is the number one unit in the NBA on a point per possession basis, per, ranking … [Read more...]

Warriors Adding A Variation To Their “Crazy 8s” Play

One of the most exciting things going into this Warriors season was looking at the personnel and seeing all the offensive possibilities. Golden State has taken full advantage of this versatile set of players and designed a number of very effective sets that fully utilize the unique skill sets of … [Read more...]