Raptors Fail to Execute on Kyrie Irving’s Game-Winner

Looking back at last night's game-winning three pointer by Kyrie Irving caught my attention for a few reasons. The magnificence of Kyrie Irving is undeniable and at this early stage of his career, Irving showing the guts and cold-bloodedness to pull up for three with his team down only two … [Read more...]

Bobcats Fail To Utilize Foul to Give in Last Possession

Let's forget for a moment the string of horrid offensive possessions the Bobcats had to close out the Knicks in their loss on Wednesday night. (The last five Bobcats possessions for the record: shot clock violation, missed shot, five-second inbound violation, traveling call, bad pass for a … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Nets Use Basic Offense To Free Up Shooter

Not a lot went right for the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night when they played the NBA champion Miami Heat. The death vice that is Miami's half-court defense exercised its strength vs. the Nets, reducing their offense to feeble dribble attempts and desperation isolations. That being said, the … [Read more...]