Playoff Capsule: Boston Celtics

Of all the difficult teams to project in the 2013 NBA Playoffs, arguably the most difficult is the Boston Celtics. Boston's season has been an incredible roller-coaster of winning streaks, losing streaks, key injuries, small injuries to key players and individual hot and cold streaks that it's … [Read more...]

Miami Heat are deadly trapping pick-and-roll ball-handlers

The Miami Heat have one of the best pick-and-roll defenses in the NBA. According to mySynergySports, the Heat force opposing pick-and-roll ball handlers into turnovers 32.2% of the time and hold them to an average of just 0.72 points per play, which is good for second in the NBA. One of the reasons … [Read more...]

Sacramento Kings pick apart Utah Jazz 2-3 defense

Early in the first quarter of Saturday night's match-up between Sacramento and Utah, the Jazz tried something somewhat unorthodox: a 2-3 zone. This is a difficult defensive set to run in the NBA for two reasons: NBA teams, for the most part, shoot 3-pointers very well. Teams with good long-range … [Read more...]

Chicago Bulls’ rotations limited Atlanta’s spot-up attempts in the first quarter

Before Saturday's match-up with the Atlanta Hawks, the Chicago Bulls looked like they were in trouble. With Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah and (of course) Derrick Rose all missing, the short-handed Bulls were taking on the talented, if slumping, Hawks, who have plenty of firepower to take down a team … [Read more...]

Isolating Kevin Durant in the post

Much has been made about Kevin Durant's newfound post-game this season, and for good reason: Durant is currently ranked 2nd in the NBA in post-up opportunities at 1.1 points per possession, according to Synergy Sports. This is a huge accomplishment for a player who averaged just 0.89 PPP last … [Read more...]

Orlando Magic run a nice pin-down set with JJ Redick

Early in Saturday afternoon's match-up between Orlando and the Los Angeles Clippers, it looked like CP3 and Blake Griffin were ready to run away from the Magic. The Clippers were scoring at will, and the Magic were forced to play from behind for the entire first half, with deficits stretching into … [Read more...]

Detroit is Utilizing Andre Drummond Perfectly — When He’s on the Court

NBA junkies who watched Andre Drummond during Summer League saw an incredibly raw, uncomfortable rookie. He was 7'0 tall and brimming with potential, but he had very little basketball polish to go with his natural abilities. Drummond struggled during Summer League in part because of the … [Read more...]

Stephen Curry: Cutter? Not As Crazy As You Think

The Golden State Warriors have stormed out of the gate as one of the most surprising elite teams in the Western Conference. Much of the Warriors' leap can be credited to their improved defense, but they have also shown a few new tricks on offense - specifically in sets involving point guard Stephen … [Read more...]