Knicks-Pacers Game 1: Was Carmelo Anthony the victim of uncalled fouls?

It's become something of a common refrain among Knicks fans that Carmelo Anthony "never gets any calls." (Full disclosure: I am a Knicks fan, though I do not belong to this particular sect of fandom.) The story goes that the ratio of contact taken to fouls drawn for Carmelo is very high, and that he … [Read more...]

Appreciating the Defensive Depths of LARRY SANDERS!

These days, Larry Sanders is everywhere.  Literally and figuratively.  Not only does the Milwaukee Bucks 6'11'' gazelle fly all over the floor, wreaking defensive havoc  with his seemingly endless wingspan and quickness that belies his size to lead the NBA in blocks.  But he's getting recognition … [Read more...]

A Thorough Examination of Dwight Howard’s Defense Against the Heat

Dwight Howard was the credited defender on an actionable play (FGA, FT or TO) four times last night, per the video tracking service mySynergySports. Heat players went 1-for-4 from the field on those plays. So, if we take only the plays credited directly to Howard, the Heat scored 0.25 points … [Read more...]