Cavaliers Find Themselves in a Rotation Nightmare

Anderson Varejao is out with a torn achilles for the rest of the season, leaving the Cavs' depth chart in a condition probably best described as the quirkiest and unconventional one in the league. In an offense vs. defense, wings and forwards vs. point guards and centers sense, I can't think of … [Read more...]

How the Red Mamba’s Venom Slowly, Painfully Killed the Grizzlies In Game One

He might not have led his team in scoring, but Matt Bonner (a.k.a. the Red Mamba) certainly caused some dismay to the Memphis Grizzlies in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Sunday evening, our favorite ginger mamba since Brian Scalabrine (White Mamba) stretched the Grizzlies' defense and … [Read more...]

The Grandeur Of Stephen Curry

While they may have lost in a backbreaking fashion, the Warriors showed much more than the inability to execute in crunch time Game 1 against San Antonio. To choke, a team has to have a fairly sizable lead, which Golden State shockingly did. This lead was primarily built on the strength of a … [Read more...]

Knicks-Pacers Game 1: Was Carmelo Anthony the victim of uncalled fouls?

It's become something of a common refrain among Knicks fans that Carmelo Anthony "never gets any calls." (Full disclosure: I am a Knicks fan, though I do not belong to this particular sect of fandom.) The story goes that the ratio of contact taken to fouls drawn for Carmelo is very high, and that he … [Read more...]

Playoff Capsule: Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers, losers of four of their last five games, are limping into the playoffs. This season was an incredible success, built on the back of the best defense in the league. But their offense, inconsistent all season, has looked especially shaky lately. They still harbor aspirations of an … [Read more...]

The Raptors Dominating With An Odd Lineup

I hated the Rudy Gay trade for the Raptors when it happened, and to a lesser degree still do. To me, there was no sense in bringing in what I strongly felt was a negative player, destroying their cap situation, and losing a young, improving asset in Ed Davis. That said, the early returns have put … [Read more...]

Heat BLOB and Bradley Misstep Dooms Celtics

The Miami Heat's 23rd consecutive win – a 105-103 road victory over the rival Boston Celtics – will be remembered for many reasons.  LeBron James' massive slam on Jason Terry, his game-winning pull-up jumper with 10 seconds left, Jeff Green's from-nowhere 43 points, a short-handed Celtics team … [Read more...]

James Harden: Defensive Shapeshifter

Defenses are made to move and adjust. The quality of NBA offense means that defenses will inevitably be penetrated, probed and pressured. The defining variable in effectiveness is the defense's ability to rotate and bend, fluidly changing shape, without ever breaking down. However, certain NBA … [Read more...]

Hornets Hurt The Trailblazers With A Nifty Screen The Screener Action

One of the bright spots of this season--in terms of pure X's and O's, if not results--has been the creativity of Monty Williams' New Orleans Hornets offense. They've rolled out fun, effective, and innovative sets all season long, a number of which have been highlighted here at HoopChalk. Sunday … [Read more...]

Appreciating the Defensive Depths of LARRY SANDERS!

These days, Larry Sanders is everywhere.  Literally and figuratively.  Not only does the Milwaukee Bucks 6'11'' gazelle fly all over the floor, wreaking defensive havoc  with his seemingly endless wingspan and quickness that belies his size to lead the NBA in blocks.  But he's getting recognition … [Read more...]