Stephen Curry: The NBA’s Black Hole

Note: Astronomical terms in the follow article may have been used wildly inaccurately. Take comfort in the knowledge that it was all done in the pursuit of a pleasing aesthetic. The NBA universe is dotted with black holes. Usually this phrase has a pejorative connotation. In my extremely … [Read more...]

Intellectual Theft: Mike Malone

13 NBA teams will be entering the 2013-2014 season with a new head coach. Each of those coaches will face unique challenges, but should be able to draw on a pool of experience from their previous jobs. Intellectual Theft is a series looking at some specific elements that each coach can bring from … [Read more...]

Slipping The Pick-And-Roll: How San Antonio Thwarted The Miami P&R Trap In Game 1

Beating Miami's trapping pick-and-roll defense isn't particularly easy. It requires the right and pinpoint passes, secondary penetration and very skilled players. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Indiana Pacers didn't try to beat the trap so much as use its momentum against itself. Using Roy … [Read more...]

Miami-Indiana Game 1: Roy Hibbert Or Not, It Wouldn’t Have Mattered

Lost in the Frank Vogel-aimed yelling is a play from late in the 4th quarter, when Dwyane Wade streaked in for a layup over Roy Hibbert. It gave Miami a two-point lead, but more importantly poked a giant hole in the Hibbert-led Indiana defense; he can't cover Bosh as a shooter and protect the rim at … [Read more...]

The Grandeur Of Stephen Curry

While they may have lost in a backbreaking fashion, the Warriors showed much more than the inability to execute in crunch time Game 1 against San Antonio. To choke, a team has to have a fairly sizable lead, which Golden State shockingly did. This lead was primarily built on the strength of a … [Read more...]

Wait A Second, We’ve Seen That Play For Danny Green Before…

So, that Warriors-Spurs Game 1, right? Pretty fun. It was also an exhibition in offensive coaching and running plays and organization versus isolation-style hero ball. It was also also Gregg Popovich vs. Mark Jackson. Gregg Popovich won. Now, to be fair: Pop's Spurs did run plenty of half-hearted … [Read more...]

Playoff Capsule: Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have the ninth-best offense in the league, and as interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo noted to reporters in the team's first postseason practice, their playbook isn't too extensive. Here's a breakdown of their most commonly-used set this year: One of the Nets' most common actions you'll … [Read more...]

Playoff capsule: San Antonio Spurs

Intricacies of the San Antonio Spurs' motion offense have been well-documented in recent years, especially in the new age of the Internet scribe. The drive-and-kick attack predicated around floor-spacing, ball-movement, corner threes and, ya know, three future Hall-of-Famers, has been a consistent … [Read more...]

The Warriors and the 1-2 Pick-and-Roll

While the dominant story of Friday night's Lakers-Warriors tilt may have been Kobe Bryant going down with an achilles injury, there was one particular play the Warriors hurt the Lakers with earlier in the game that could be important down the line. The play was a 1-2 pick and roll between Stephen … [Read more...]

The Raptors Dominating With An Odd Lineup

I hated the Rudy Gay trade for the Raptors when it happened, and to a lesser degree still do. To me, there was no sense in bringing in what I strongly felt was a negative player, destroying their cap situation, and losing a young, improving asset in Ed Davis. That said, the early returns have put … [Read more...]