The Pelicans Hug Play

Anthony Morrow is one of the most exciting players across the NBA. The teams that Morrow has played for -- the Warriors, Nets (New Jersey iteration), Hawks, Mavericks, Pelicans -- were going through down cycles when Morrow was a member of their roster. Now, having signed a 3-year/$10M contract with … [Read more...]

Knicks-Pacers Game 1: Was Carmelo Anthony the victim of uncalled fouls?

It's become something of a common refrain among Knicks fans that Carmelo Anthony "never gets any calls." (Full disclosure: I am a Knicks fan, though I do not belong to this particular sect of fandom.) The story goes that the ratio of contact taken to fouls drawn for Carmelo is very high, and that he … [Read more...]

Pinpoint Indiana Execution, Bad Clipper Rotations Lead to Pacers Victory

The Indiana Pacers are not exactly known for their offense. While they sport the stingiest defensive unit in the league, Frank Vogel's team ranks just 18th overall in offensive efficiency at 102.0 points per 100 possessions, per Over the last month or so, however, that number has taken a … [Read more...]

The Quiet All-Around Brilliance of Al Horford

Al Horford plays for the Atlanta Hawks, so he doesn't get nearly as much attention as he should. Horford plays on the same front line as Josh Smith, himself a wrecking ball of energy and athleticism wrapped in an enigma, so he is, to many, arguably not even the most interesting player on his own … [Read more...]

Marc Gasol Has a Full Bag of Tricks

Few NBA players own a piece of real estate on the court quite like Marc Gasol owns the elbows. Gasol has long been one of the league's smoothest operators from that natural pivot point, but since the Grizzlies traded Rudy Gay in late January, Gasol has taken his game to a new level (15.8 points, 8.1 … [Read more...]

Celtics Use the Elbows to Take Out Pacers

The Indiana Pacers have the league's best defense. Between personnel and scheme, they make it extremely difficult for opposing offenses to score efficiently for any extended period of time. The Boston Celtics have one of the league's worst offenses. Their 100.4 O-Rtg--per just 21st … [Read more...]

Sacramento Kings pick apart Utah Jazz 2-3 defense

Early in the first quarter of Saturday night's match-up between Sacramento and Utah, the Jazz tried something somewhat unorthodox: a 2-3 zone. This is a difficult defensive set to run in the NBA for two reasons: NBA teams, for the most part, shoot 3-pointers very well. Teams with good long-range … [Read more...]

Hornets Add Twist to Their Roll-Pop Combo

Earlier this season, in what was actually the first post on this site, I wrote about the Hornets using the roll-pop combo to free one of their bigs for an open shot, which they did quite often last season. Most often, it would look something like this: Point guard Greivis Vasquez - or the … [Read more...]

Detroit is Utilizing Andre Drummond Perfectly — When He’s on the Court

NBA junkies who watched Andre Drummond during Summer League saw an incredibly raw, uncomfortable rookie. He was 7'0 tall and brimming with potential, but he had very little basketball polish to go with his natural abilities. Drummond struggled during Summer League in part because of the … [Read more...]

Stephen Curry: Cutter? Not As Crazy As You Think

The Golden State Warriors have stormed out of the gate as one of the most surprising elite teams in the Western Conference. Much of the Warriors' leap can be credited to their improved defense, but they have also shown a few new tricks on offense - specifically in sets involving point guard Stephen … [Read more...]