Playoff Capsule: Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are borderline monomaniacal in their pursuit of shots at the rim. For the fourth time in George Karl's eight seasons as head coach, the Nuggets led the league in field goal attempts in the restricted area. The gap between Denver (3316 attempts, or 40.43 per game) and the team with … [Read more...]

Clear Out For Kyrie Irving

If he has the ball, it's already over. Kyrie Irving is going to score. It's just a matter of how. Everything flows from the simple fact that he can make a jumper from anywhere on the floor, whenever he wants. There's not much anyone can do to stop him. Each movement that occurs before he rises … [Read more...]

Ryan Anderson and Diversifying Specialization

The word versatility, in basketball terms, calls to mind a varied skill set. LeBron James snaring a defensive rebound, taking the ball coast to coast on the break and snapping a pass across the court to Ray Allen for a corner three; Andre Iguodala sliding side to side to cut off a drive, forcing his … [Read more...]