Intellectual Theft: Brian Shaw

13 NBA teams will be entering the 2013-2014 season with a new head coach. Each of those coaches will face unique challenges, but should be able to draw on a pool of experience from their previous jobs. Intellectual Theft is a series looking at some specific elements that each coach can bring from … [Read more...]

Post-ups Key in Pacers Game 2 Win

The Indiana Pacers struggled to score throughout much of the regular season. By the end of January, they were registering only 98.9 points per 100 possessions, which would rank 27th in the league had it marked their full season effort, per For the next two months, though, the Pacers went on … [Read more...]

George Hill’s Game-Winner

After one or two questionable calls, a series of missed free throws, a huge Kobe Bryant fadeaway 3-pointer, and a whole world of ugly basketball previous to that stuff, the Indiana Pacers had the ball in a 77-77 tie with the Lakers and 24.5 seconds remaining in the game. You already know what’s … [Read more...]

Indiana’s Defensive Miscommunication Seals Their Fate

During the final possessions of the Hawks win over the Pacers, communication on the defense proved to be the game's deciding factor. Let’s take a look at what went wrong for the Pacers and right for the Hawks. Down by one with 19 seconds remaining, the Pacers were forced to foul in order to get … [Read more...]