Golden State Frees Stephen Curry With A Gate Screen

There are a number of things that go into being an effective NBA offense; spacing, motion, personnel, the ability to put said personnel in a position to succeed, and more. The Heat will cross screen to get LeBron James good position in the post; Tony Parker will get the ball with a ready screener in … [Read more...]

Warriors Adding A Variation To Their “Crazy 8s” Play

One of the most exciting things going into this Warriors season was looking at the personnel and seeing all the offensive possibilities. Golden State has taken full advantage of this versatile set of players and designed a number of very effective sets that fully utilize the unique skill sets of … [Read more...]

How the Orlando Magic Found a Wide Open Layup vs Golden State

In the game against the Warriors on Friday, J.J. Redick found himself with a wide open, uncontested layup. Let’s take a look at how Jarrett Jack was fooled into giving Redick a direct path to the basket. Early in the second quarter, Orlando ran a pick-and-roll between J.J. Redick and Andrew … [Read more...]

Peeling Back The Layers On Draymond Green’s Game Winner

The Golden State Warriors beat the Miami Heat on the strength of a beautifully designed set play that was notable for multiple reasons. First, as Couper Moorhead of pointed out on Twitter, was that the Warriors actually ran the same exact set earlier in the game. The play the Warriors used … [Read more...]