Orlando Magic run a nice pin-down set with JJ Redick

Early in Saturday afternoon's match-up between Orlando and the Los Angeles Clippers, it looked like CP3 and Blake Griffin were ready to run away from the Magic. The Clippers were scoring at will, and the Magic were forced to play from behind for the entire first half, with deficits stretching into … [Read more...]

How the Orlando Magic Found a Wide Open Layup vs Golden State

In the game against the Warriors on Friday, J.J. Redick found himself with a wide open, uncontested layup. Let’s take a look at how Jarrett Jack was fooled into giving Redick a direct path to the basket. Early in the second quarter, Orlando ran a pick-and-roll between J.J. Redick and Andrew … [Read more...]

3-Point Play: Korver, Redick and Dunleavy Passing Off Pin-downs

Welcome back to The 3-Point Play, a semi-regular recurring feature here at HoopChalk. Every so often, I’ll take a quick look at sets from three different teams that have something in common. Rather than devoting a separate post to each of them, they’ll all be grouped together here. Today, we've got … [Read more...]