Early Impressions of Cleveland’s Offense

We drooled over the idea of the Cavs’ offense from the moment that Woj #WojBombed our Twitter timelines with the news that Kevin Love would be joining LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland. Whispers out of training camp led us to believe that offensive mastermind David Blatt was constructing a … [Read more...]

Team Pick-and-Roll Defense: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Since today's NBA is such a heavy pick-and-roll league, being able to defend this play effectively has become almost equally as important as being able to run it. … [Read more...]

Why Can LeBron James Shoot Three-Pointers All Of A Sudden?

In 2010-2011, LeBron James connected on 33.0% of his three-point attempts. In 2011-2012, that number jumped to 36.2%. This past regular season, it surged to 40.6%. In his recent piece on Grantland, Kirk Goldsberry attributed LeBron's improvement (both in three-point field goal percentage and field … [Read more...]

Playoff Capsule: Miami Heat

When the super friends joined forces in Miami, most expected their offense to be the primary driving force to the team's success. As it turned out, they soon received league-wide acclaim for their suffocating defense and that eventually became Miami's identity. This season, Miami has embraced a … [Read more...]

LeBron James Directing Flow Against the Magic

LeBron James often does things on the basketball court that make it seem as though he is not of this world. LeBron's preposterous athleticism combined with his outrageous shotmaking ability momentarily fool us into believing he is not actually a human, but a robot programmed to perform high-level … [Read more...]

Heat BLOB and Bradley Misstep Dooms Celtics

The Miami Heat's 23rd consecutive win – a 105-103 road victory over the rival Boston Celtics – will be remembered for many reasons.  LeBron James' massive slam on Jason Terry, his game-winning pull-up jumper with 10 seconds left, Jeff Green's from-nowhere 43 points, a short-handed Celtics team … [Read more...]

Defending Kevin Durant: A Tale of Two Halves and Styles

Kevin Durant is hard to defend.  No, that's putting it lightly; guarding KD is damn-near impossible.  There's a reason – should he maintain his current pace – that Durant will become just the second player in NBA history to average at least 29 points per game while reaching the hallowed 50/40/90 … [Read more...]

Rejecting Ball Screens and Beating the “Down”

Today's NBA is defined by the ball screen-and-roll.  Every team runs several variations of it and has nuanced and still-developing ways of defending it, and games are won and lost on that action and its subsequent ramifications more than any other.  Making your shots and forcing the other team into … [Read more...]

Building A Template For How Rudy Gay Can Thrive As A Small Ball Power Forward

I wasn't a fan of the trade that brought Rudy Gay to Toronto when looking at it from Toronto's perspective. They won't be able to build through the draft (too good), they won't be able to build through free agency (log-jammed cap, it's Toronto), and the core they have now isn't good enough to really … [Read more...]

Heroball? Miami Uses Movement To Get A Wide Open Three In Ovetime

In overtime against Toronto, the Miami Heat needed a basket to keep them in the game down by four points.  They went to a simple yet effective set that used every one of their big four and led to a wide open Ray Allen three. Things start off with Dwyane Wade coming across the top of the key … [Read more...]