The Raptors Dominating With An Odd Lineup

I hated the Rudy Gay trade for the Raptors when it happened, and to a lesser degree still do. To me, there was no sense in bringing in what I strongly felt was a negative player, destroying their cap situation, and losing a young, improving asset in Ed Davis. That said, the early returns have put … [Read more...]

Building A Template For How Rudy Gay Can Thrive As A Small Ball Power Forward

I wasn't a fan of the trade that brought Rudy Gay to Toronto when looking at it from Toronto's perspective. They won't be able to build through the draft (too good), they won't be able to build through free agency (log-jammed cap, it's Toronto), and the core they have now isn't good enough to really … [Read more...]

Understanding The Grizzlies’ Crunch Time Woes

The Grizzlies became everybody's darling when they started the season off 14-3.  They have been perceived as a "dark horse" title contender by many, but flaws we've seen out of Memphis in years past have begun to show themselves.  After coming out blazing with a offensive rating of 104 over their … [Read more...]

The 3-Point Play: Grizzlies, Heat and Hornets

Welcome to The 3-Point Play, a new semi-regular recurring feature here at HoopChalk. Every so often, I'll take a quick look at sets from three different teams that have something in common. Rather than devoting a separate post to each of them, they'll all be grouped together here. This week, we've … [Read more...]