3-Point Play: We Should See More of This – Starring Pek, Harrison Barnes, Westbrook and Durant

Welcome back to The 3-Point Play, a semi-regular recurring feature here at HoopChalk. Every so often, I’ll take a quick look at sets from three different teams that have something in common. Rather than devoting a separate post to each of them, they’ll all be grouped together here. Today, we’ve got … [Read more...]

Thunder Flip The Script With Westbrook Hand-off Play

Earlier this season, the Thunder broke out a dribble hand-off play for Kevin Durant out of a horns set. They ran Durant off a staggered double pin-down screen, got him the ball on the move at the top of the key and trusted him to react to the defense and make the right decision with the ball. Last … [Read more...]

Russell Westbrook’s Post Game Is Years In The Making

You may not have noticed it, but Russell Westbrook has been working on his post-up game for quite some time. Year after year, he's been taking his game down to the block more and more often, and he's become incrementally better at it with each passing season. Every year, there's been a little more … [Read more...]

How The Thunder Took Out The Bulls

Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks has long been ridiculed for his late game play-calling on offense. Though the Thunder were often still able to score at a rate well above league average in close and late situations, their baskets mostly came via isolation plays for Kevin Durant, Russell … [Read more...]